Improve the understanding of the occurrence, fate and behaviour of CECs and their influence on ARBs, ARG, and the transferability of the emerging virus through the water.

FOREWARN will provide an early warning system for rapid detection of hot points needing remediation or preventive actions. The application of machine learning as a base for a decision support system is a new quality step in the science of CECs, ARBs, ARGs, and emerging virus in the aquatic environment.

FOREWARN will Provide a foundation for prevention and mitigation solutions based on better understanding the sources and distribution of CECs and emerging pathogens, access to models of their environmental fate and degradation pathways and improved understanding of relevant human and environmental health of the problem of emerging pollution.

The FOREWARN-DSS will support the decision-making processes in the short term (punctual emissions, potential situations potential risk) and provide support on technical aspects such as wastewater treatments required in particular areas.

FOREWARN will revalue previous research as the basis of the current technology, which will be adapted progressively to each environment along the time providing sustainable and meaningful measures in the in silico scenarios.

FOREWARN will support current EU policies such as the WFD and the new initiatives such as the Zero Pollution Action Plan, which aims to secure clean air, water, and soil, healthy ecosystems and a healthy living environment for Europeans through the prevention and by suggesting efficient mitigation measures of emerging pollution (chemical contaminants and pathogens) within the major circular economy routes to support the EU transition towards a pollution-free circular economy by:

  • Increasing the analytical capacity and integration of data from different sources.
  • Increasing the innovative potential of the EU research sector and environmental authorities by developing innovative modelling approaches for the fate and transport of CECs and emerging pathogens in water. 
  • Quantifying human health and environmental exposure, impact and behaviour.
  • Increasing the capacity to react in front of the situation of risk, proposing efficient measures of mitigation.

FOREWARN will contribute to protecting human and environmental health.

FOREWARN will contribute to capacity building and to improve the capabilities of recently qualified students to enlarge their working options, technicians at related industries and SMEs, and in general personnel of the main stakeholders’ groups by organizing a practical course based on industrial attendance in addition of other courses and education materials for public awareness and outreach.